A designer worthy art gallery on the cheap

Art grouped in gallery style like the picture above (taken from West Elm) has been increasingly popular in the design world lately. To get a great looking gallery that didn’t break the bank, there are a few key tricks to keep in mind.

  • Vary the sizes of your frames and make sure some have mats while others do not. This gives off the feel that these pieces of art were collected over time and not all bought at the same time.
  • Keep a unified color scheme within your frames. If you’ve gathered a bunch of frames from various places and they all have different colors and textures, spraypaint will become your new best friend. Just spray them all a unified color scheme such as black and white or all white, etc.
  • Look for variances in the shapes and textures of your frames. Look for a few frames that have a scroll or etched wood pattern, because once spraypainted a modern new color they will look great.
  • Look for one or two oval or round shaped frames to break up the geometric pattern that the square and rectangular frames will create.
  • And lastly try arranging them all out on your floor first, until you get the exact look you want to create on your wall. This way you save your walls from having extra holes put in when you keep changing your mind.
Now as for the art, there are so many places that you can find inexpensive prints from little known artists that look amazing and can be purchased inexpensively. Agreat place to find these prints on the cheap is Etsy. Here are just a few examples of great art that will brighten up any room and add a cheerful modern edge to your space.

[photo above, clockwise from left: sprouting print $24 each, Green Perch $24 each, and Try print $24 each. All available at http://monkeypowered.etsy.com/ ]

[photo above, clockwise from left: you make me happy $20 each, tree swing $20 each, and look closely $20 each. All available at http://ashleyg.etsy.com/ ] [photo above, clockwise from left: a song of wires $20 each and lunastrella robot, space station and flying saucer 5 x7’s $32 for a set of 3. Both available at http://johnwgolden.etsy.com/ ]

[photo above: I love nice people hand screen printed limited edition of 13. $15 each Available at http://willbryant.etsy.com/ ]

Hopefully these artists will inspire you to check out Etsy and support the handmade revolution. So next time you find yourself in target or wal-mart looking at cliche mass produced prints, just say no and look a little bit harder for something truly unique and original on Etsy.


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