Ideas for jewelry display

I’ve been thinking about how i’m going to display my jewelry at my next upcoming craft show for Poison Apple. In the past my booth has looked weak because I just threw together a way to display my stuff at the last minute and didn’t put enough thought into it. This time I want my table to be impressive and I want it to really compliment my style of jewelry.

I’ve been thinking of sticking with mostly black + white with maybe a touch of light pink to go along with my logo design. So i’ve been looking for unique jewelry displays online and here’s an inspiration board of some of my ideas:

I also will be bringing sharkskin jewelry price tags, business cards to give out to anyone who looks but doesn’t buy, postcards with 20% discount promo codes on them to give to anyone who makes a purchase, and pink tissue paper and jewelry boxes.

(all jewelry in the photos is from my jewelry line Poison Apple NYC and can be purchased through my website or my etsy store. )


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