revamped art deco/baroque vanity

I’ve been wanting to create a vanity area in my bedroom so I could stop leaning over the bathroom sink to try to be close enough to the mirror to put my liquid eyeliner on. Just a nice little spot where I could keep all of my makeup and sit down in front of a mirror and get ready in a more relaxed manner.So, I had my mother drag this old vanity out of her attic that we had painted black and white years ago when I was a kid. (wish I had the before picture of it.)
Then I spray painted the brass chair that went to it a nice high gloss black. Next I sprayed a previously hideous mirror that I had been hanging onto that was my grandmother’s to the same high gloss black. I then lined the drawer in the vanity with some vintage wallpaper. These few changes that only took a few minutes created a much more dramatic effect. Overall I think it looks a lot better than before but I still need to find some kind of black and white fabric to sew the real cushion for the vanity stool and I wish I hung the mirror lower because it’s a bit too high, but I don’t want to put another hole in the wall right now. I added those mirrored bird hooks to either side to hang my jewelry from.
materials used:

  • 1/4 a can of high gloss black spray paint ($2.39 at walmart)
  • tin foil and painters tape to cover the mirror when it was getting painted. (found in my kitchen)
  • a small piece of vintage wallpaper that i found in the basement (which i forgot to photograph.)
  • 2 mirrored hooks (bought at urban outfitters for $10 2 years ago.)
  • free vintage vanity
  • free vintage stool
  • free old mirror

Total Cost: $12.39!!


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