cuffs in the making

I’ve been working on making a large batch of my couture cuffs to sell at my next show. (I’ll let you know the details after I find out if i’ve been accepted as a vendor this time around.) Gotta love juried shows… Anyway, I’m hoping to have about 40 or more of them made by Monday. I feel that they make a much better impact when they are all stacked on a tiered cupcake stand as shown in this post. I like to think that the height of the display and the girly colors and textures draws the eye (and the customer belonging to those eyes) over to my booth. I want them to look just as yummy and enticing as a colorful stack of cupcakes would.

Here’s a shot of some of the leaf applique’s before being sewn onto leather or vinyl and then embellished with all kinds of vintage goodies including but not limited to: chains, pearl studs, vintage brass army symbols, vintage celluloid roses, rhinestones, dangling charms, brass leaves and flowers, etc.
I call them couture cuffs because they are primarily hand sewn and everything about them is painstakingly embellished by hand. No two are identical, because each one has been embellished in a different way. Occasionally I do use the sewing machine to sew the lace onto the baroque style cuffs.
Like I said earlier my goal is to make 40 couture cuffs by monday. It seems impossible right now, check back in on my progress on monday to see if I made my goal or not. I’ll post pictures of my stack of completed cuffs by monday evening.
I find that setting these little goals for myself and then making them public gives me the added pressure that I need and helps me try harder. Because who wants to admit to the world that they failed? I don’t like to, so let’s see if this helps…


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