Handbags by Fashion Jenn

I’ve become a twitter addict recently and stumbled onto A blog called Fashion Jenn while twittering. She had just unveiled her new collection of handmade bags, and as I was admiring them I noticed a link that said Poison Apple NYC on the sidebar of her blog, so naturally I clicked it and found out she had just done a write up on my website and jewelry. I thought it was very ironic because as I was looking at her very unique bag designs I was thinking that her style and my style complimented each other and I could picture somebody wearing a pair of my earrings and one of her bags together.
I love the way the handles on the bags are made of wood and cut into interesting crown like shapes. Her use of color, texture, and shapes really create a cohesive collection with an edgy funky vibe. My favorite bag in the line is “crown jewels”, (pictured above).

This excerpt is taken from her website.
” Each Fashionjenn handbag is carefully handmade in my studio with every attention to craftsmanship and detail. For this reason each bag may very slightly giving it it’s own unique personality just like the individuals who carry them, they are a usable and wearable piece of art.

The prices range from $50 for a glitter clutch purse to $150 for a glam hobo bag.
For more info on Fashion Jenn handbags you can view the full line right here.

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