My studio lacks organization

This is the current state of my workspace, I need some organization in this room like right now! I have a decent sized room, but no proper shelving and storage space. My work table is two random computer desks shoved together with akward dining room chairs. My poor light tent and photo lights don’t even have a proper space to set them up…it’s making me go crazy because it’s very hard to get anything done when you’ve got nothing to work on top of. I must change this set-up. In fact, i’m making it one of my goals for the year, to have a more organized, better set up studio space.


  • Organization?! What’s that? Every once in a while I get the urge to organize but then it’s all messy again in no time at all. Messiness is part of the creative mind.

  • I just wrote about the same thing in my blog! I think it’s just the life of a creative person.
    Happy jewelry making!

  • Marilyn says:

    I deal with the same struggles. I went to Target and purchased one of those plastic drawer carts with the wheels on the bottom. So far it’s holding up nicely. We definitely need more Ikea’s within NY State.

  • oh those drawer carts, i have 2 of them in the closet full of stuff but the drawers always stick and they frustrate me to no end.

  • Jewels says:

    My Ikea is about an hour away, but I still love it!
    I use the same organization cabinets, except mine are mostly full of beads and threads.

    Artists are NEVER completely organized, it’s the nature of making. You always seem to need to have something laying around. It’s keeps the sparks lit.

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