window nook revamp for under $100

Thanksgiving is coming and i’m hosting it at my house for the first time in my life. Since moving to upstate NY just over one year ago, our home has been in a transition phase for a long time. When we moved into the house, it was left decorated by my 69 year old grandmother who had passed away a year earlier. Sadly we have very different tastes. She liked all things pink and burgundy and victorian with dashes of gold and brass here and there and fluffy white cat statues. I like very modern streamlined interiors with carefully edited accessories and a mix of mid century modern furniture and WestElm, Ikea style pieces with the occasional thrift store or flea market antique thrown into the mix.

Anyway, getting back to my point about thanksgiving…I’ve been trying to get the dining room to a place that I feel happy about so that I feel good with my family sitting around the table instead of depressed that my surroundings are ugly. I know that sounds odd, but if whatever space i’m living in, isn’t the way I like, I kinda focus on that and let it nag at my soul until I do something about it. Call it OCD, maybe that’s what it is….but it definitely drives me crazy. So my first step in the dining room beautification process was to revamp the window nook that looks directly into my neighbors peeling purple house. We needed more privacy without completely sacrificing the daylight. I was thinking Roman shades would work well because I could just pull them up when I needed the light.

I really wish I had the true before photo of how it looked when we moved in. All I remember is that there were dark burgundy curtains and a bowl of fake sparkly fruit. I forgot to take before shots because I was in too much of a hurry to take everything down at the time. These before pics showcase my one lonely west elm “lantern window panel” that I found on ebay and never had any luck finding the mate anywhere else because it was sold out everywhere. I’ve repeatedly checked ebay over and over and I never found another one to match the other window. So here’s what I came up with.

With the help of my local Goodwill and Craigslist, I was able to find an inexpensive credenza, and some bamboo roman shades that fit the windows perfectly. As for my sad friend the westelm curtain, well I cut him in half vertically and turned him into two narrower decorative curtains that add a little bit more brightness to the space. Materials used:

  • one bamboo roman shade new in box from the goodwill for $4.99
  • matching bamboo roman shade from target for $24.99
  • mid century walnut credenza from craigslist $50
  • westelm lantern window panel from ebay for $20 including shipping
  • buddha tealight holder $0.00 (christmas gift from my mother)
  • plants and flowering cactus $0.00 (my mom has an overactive green thumb and has way too many plants in her house, so she gave me those.)

Total money spent on the revamp: $99.98
Now I just need to paint the walls white, spray the brass chandelier white and finally hang my gallery of photos on the opposite wall. Hopefully those projects will be posted in the near future if they ever get done.


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