curbside rescue and inspiration

During the summer, the mister found a round wooden childs size table and two chairs thrown out on somebody’s curb. It was a nice little score, the chairs were a bit beat up and needed to be re-glued in a couple spots but my mom’s boyfriend took care of that. He enjoys restoring furniture and he’s quite handy. Anyway my daughter is almost 11 months already and pretty soon I’d like to start painting this little set and getting it ready to put into her room. Right now it’s a light wood color and I want to turn in into something bright and funky to go with her room. So i’m trying to decide what kind of motif to paint onto the top of the table. First here are a few detail photos of her room. I don’t have one of the whole room and she’s napping in there right now so i’m not gonna wake her up to get one.

So her room is an odd combination of modern/baroque/deco/gothic/grandma style all rolled into one. One of the walls is painted “cosmic pink” by valspar and we painted the other 3 bright white. My mom’s boyfriend refinished that vintage dresser for me and painted it white and I picked out the lucite hardware. I got the deco chandelier on sale at urbanoutfitters a couple years ago. I think I paid around $5 for it. Actually I bought two of them, the other one is in my kitchen. But I digress, so I have a few ideas of what to paint on it, first i was thinking i’d like to recreate this image onto the top of the table.
my other ideas include taking an old piece of lace or a doiley and spraypainting over it so the pattern ends up on top of the table. i’d spray white on top of the hot pink i think. the effect would look something like this.
and my third idea would be to paint some kind of really bold orla kiely type pattern onto the table always in a monochromatic hot pink/white combination. I’m not sure which idea to go for, what do you think I should do? I like all three and I can only do one of them. Help me choose.


  • of the three, i think the 3rd idea would work best with what you currently have going in the room. you can bring all the colors together and i like that graphic with the giraffe on the walls…seems to flow better than the other two design ideas.

    it would be interesting to see that design down in a circular motife, radiating from the center of the table, or as a fan shape, radiating from one edge of the table outward to the edges.

    not sure what the chairs look like, but could you incorporate the same design along the backs or seat of the chair?

  • babagrlshell says:

    I’m digging the doily idea- I agree with the previous commenter that it goes best with the room… HOWEVER, I would paint the table that awesome pink you have going on, then do the white on top of it- or the reverse (white table top with pink doily doodad) would be quite a cool pop of FUN!

  • I’m going to confuse this further and vote for the first idea. Is that a phoenix? I think it goes best with the mix of pink and giraffes.

  • NattyKnits says:

    I like the third idea too. My son is two years old and the bold and contrasting colours are still his favourites.

  • I like the bird the best. But then, that’s how I roll. Beautiful room!!

  • I <3 Orla Kiely, so I'm all over option #3…

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