Found it for less – Edna st. vincent – lace blouse

Even though i’m a huge fan of Modcloth and their amazing selection of vintage inspired dresses and shoes, I’d still shop someplace else if I can find a similar item for less money elsewhere. In this case I was admiring this really feminine, hippie/poet lacey top. It’s sold out on the Modcloth site and it was listed for $49.99.
And then I remembered having seen something very similar over at the Forever21 website. So the overall shape, color and style are almost identical and it is half the price.

Modcloth suggests that you “Wear it with a pair of skinny jeans and sleek, thigh-high boots for a contrast in textures and surfaces that you simply cannot doff!” and I agree.


  • Kionon says:

    What's your take on the accusations that Forever 21 is using unfair labour practices? Since I don't find myself wearing any Forever 21, I am somewhat removed from the ethical dilemma.

  • goldenmeans says:

    Ah, I was intrigued by that Modcloth piece too — I just love vintagey lacy pieces! — although Modcloth's prices are usually far too inflated for me to bite usually. The Forever 21 one is a great substitute 🙂 I bought a similar one from them earlier this summer and I love it!

  • kionon – i wasn't actually aware of those accusations.

    goldenmeans – i know what you mean, i dont like to spend more than $25 on any one piece of clothing usually, with the exception of jeans. i usually will splurge on shoes though. but my idea of splurge is like $150 at the most and that is very rare.

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