Found it for less – Jimmy Choo Small nappa leather clutch

I dont know about you but I’m not a big fan of clutch bags due to the inconvenience of always having one hand tied up in the act of holding your purse. That’s why it’s always good when the clutch has a wrist strap or detachable shoulder strap to allow your hands some freedom when needed. Anyway, I found this Ina small nappa leather clutch by Jimmy Choo, and thought that if it weren’t for the $795 price tag it could have been a nice clutch due to the versatility of the shoulder strap it comes with.
So while browsing Etsy I came across this well hidden Designer called MyImperfections. And they have this one of a kind clutch bag listed with the same basic style as the Jimmy Choo, but with a way more affordable price tag, a wrist strap, and the joy of knowing that it’s one of a kind should trump everything else. (MyImperfections also has some great jewelry and clothing that you should check out while you’re at it.)
(Clutch with Leather Latigo Fringe -$48 by MyImperfections)

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