Guide to fashionable camping attire

I go on a short camping trip every year, and although it is only 4 or 5 days out of my entire summer…I have become very set on acquiring all the true camping wardrobe staples to utilize during my trip. I like the idea of ruffing it in ripped jeans and flannel shirts around the campfire at night with moccasins protecting my ankles and feet from mosquito bites and a long belted cardigan to throw on top when it gets chilly. And then during the day wearing high waisted shorts paired with bathing suit, cute sandals and a big floppy felt hat reminiscent of woodstock. So after scouring the internet for cheap and chic camping gear, I present to you; The guide to camping wardobe essentials.

plaid and flannel shirts –  a couple short sleeve light weight plaids for daytime to throw on over your bathing suit with your shorts, and some long sleeve super soft flannel pieces for nighttime sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows and drinking beer. My personal favorite it the large shirt front and center. I am strongly considering buying it.
high waisted shorts
high waisted shorts for throwing on over your bathing suit with one of the above mentioned short sleeve plaids, some sandals and a floppy hat and sunnies. I’m personally loving the bottom 2 pairs the most.

sandals for daytime wear and trips to the beach. All of these shoes are under $50. I’m really loving the uniqueness of the brown slingbacks on the top row center. and the black gladiators on the middle row at left are another favorite.

destroyed denim
destroyed denim – there is no better time for destroyed denim then a camping trip, especially when paired with some moccosins and  a flannel shirt. Each pair of these jeans is under $50 and some are even under $20. They are going to come home reaking of campfire smoke and sand anyway, so you won’t want to spend a lot on them.
cozy campfire sweaters and beach hats
cozy campfire sweaters and beach hats – the sweaters are the perfect cozy layer to throw on if it’s chilly at night and the lovely floppy hats are perfect for avoiding a sunburn during the day. I love the 70’s belted silhouette of these pieces. I adore the 2 colorful ones on the top.

Essential nighttime camping footwear
Essential nighttime camping footwear – and of course the essential nighttime footwear to pair with your jeans and help keep mosquitos off your feet and biting your ankles. All of these shoes are under $100.

(To find out about any of the items featured in these sets simply click the photos and you will be taken to polyvore with a list of the items pictured and their prices.)

So which ones are your favorites?


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