LustList – modcloth gems

It is dresses like this one that make me wish I had a glamourous life and places to go that gave me a need to wear a dress as pretty as this one.That precise cutout under the bust, the color and the floaty top layer = swoon.

And There is something about the cropped shape and wide 3/4 sleeves paired with the furry collar and off-white color of this coat, that really appeals to me. Plus the fact that it’s on sale is nice too.
I’ve had my eyes on these tights for over a year now. They come in other colors as well but I’m partial to the grey version. I like that you can wear them with the feathers on the front or in the back at your calves instead. The price tag keeps me from purchasing them, but they are so unique and pretty and can add just the right touch to an otherwise plain outfit.


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