Outfit of the day – motorcycle jacket blues

This started out as a regular outfit post, but quickly turned into a full-on photoshoot with my almost 2 year old daughter. She insisted on being in almost every shot even though she didnt quite understand the whole “sit still while you’re waiting for the self timer to go off” idea. So as I realize that you really dont need to see 15 images of the same outfit, I cant help but put them all up because they make me laugh. And dont we all think our own children are the cutest things ever, even if they are not?
(wearing: suede, leather and snakeskin boots from H+M, skinny jeans by BDG, black tank  F21, navy leopard waterfall sweater from F21, Navy motorcycle jacket F21,Self-Designed earrings)
(Oh, yes she is wearing her sparkly red shoes on the wrong feet. She insists on wearing them that way and she picks out her accessories herself. mini-fashionista in the making.)
Even if nobody else gets them, these pics make me happy.


  • goldenmeans says:

    Your daughter is SO CUTE! You could have put 10 more pictures in there and I wouldn't have complained. I especially love the photo of you smiling back at her, it's so sweet 🙂

    Oh, and your outfit is lovely too. The navy/gray color scheme is so pleasing. And I love the F21 jacket — I was eyeing an identical Elizabeth & James one just last week, but clearly I should save my monies and head to Forever 21 instead 🙂

  • Love these pictures!
    Thanks for showing that Moms Rock!

  • Jessie77 says:

    the jacket fits you beautifully! And those boots are hot stuff! Chic look

    My Delusional Mind

  • Gracie says:

    i love the photos of you and your daughter! how cute!

    found you through ifb – stop by to visit if you like: http://theflipsideofoz.blogspot.com/
    would love to swap links!


  • goldenmeans – thank you!
    thelookingglas- so glad that showing that i'm a mom doesn't come across in a negative way…i kind of feel like it's not fashionable to be a mommy in a lot of peoples eyes.
    jessie77 – thanks!
    gracie – i'm off to check out your blog.

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