Recent Acquisitions – of the accessory variety

A few of my favorite things of the accessory variety, that I have recently acquired.
But first here is a story that I must share:
 I have had this old black wallet with silver studs on it that I got at h+m probably about 8 years ago and I used it to death.  It even got lost by way of a man robbing my purse right off the back of my chair while I was on a lunchbreak at the wendy’s across from the empire state building on 5th avenue. The man ended up ditching my wallet out of frustration on the subway after he realized that my credit card was maxed out and all the cash I had in my wallet was $15. So, I got a phonecall at my job after the people at the MTA booth way up in the bronx somehow ended up with my wallet and tracked me down by way of my id and whatever else was in there. So after I got out of work that night I made the long trek up to the last stop on the train in the bronx, (i forget which line) to go retrieve my wallet so that I would not have to get my id replaced and also because they had my keys as well which the man also ditched and I needed them to get into my apartment. So, I guess you can say that me and my h+m wallet have been through some adventures together and because of that i’ve always been hesitant to replace it.
So anyway, I decided that if I was going to replace this lucky wallet that I had to find the perfect one. After much searching I came across the one pictured above and that was about 9 months ago. I still have yet to use it or get rid of the old one. I guess I am still too attached. But I assure you, when the lucky wallet finally falls apart…this is the one i’ll be using.
wallet – bee23 by bingbang from urbanoutfitters
black leather and chain belt – forever21
peach feather headband – forever21
necklace – forever21


  • goldenmeans says:

    Wow, what a history behind your wallet, I would be hesitant to part with it too! When we lose something but find it again, I think it becomes extra special to us. I just parted with my wallet of 4 years and it was hard for me as well, but I imagine less so than for you! I do think the new one you picked though is adorable — I remember admiring it on the Urban Outfitters site! And I am in slightly in love with that sparkly peachy necklace from F21 too 🙂

  • Vickie says:

    That wallet is adorable!

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