Thrift Thursday – Leather + Crochet

A recent trip thrifting yielded this black leather bag for $8. It caught my attention because of it’s perfect size and all the nice compartments it has inside. it’s not too big and not too small. It’s leather and it’s black…all of these things were details i’d been looking for in a new bag so I was excited when I found this one. I cut off that long black strap that’s shown dangling down in the photo and it now looks like it did in the last outfit post where I am using it.
and I apologize for the crappy photos but here is the off-white crochet dress with attached slip that I scored for $5 at the salvation army. I plan on dressing it up with a skinny brown belt and I may decide to shorten the hem up to a more mod/60’s length, (right now it’s hitting just below the knee).
detail of the crochet pattern.


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