Recent Acquisitions – From Ebay

ok, so i’m really excited about this pair of shoes that you may remember from my recent “necessary camping attire” post. I featured them in the brown version sold at Piperlime and I kind of had my heart set on getting them, but then right as I was about to check out and buy them, they magically sold out of my size on the site. So to my dissapointment, I turned to ebay and strangely enough found a brand new pair in my size! These kinds of things rarely happen to me and even though these are not the brown I originally loved, the mustard color is slowly growing on me and at the price I paid, it was like I won some kind of magical shoe lottery. I won these for $14.50!!!! Score for me, because I was ready to shell out $60 for them on Piperlime. So all this “luck” leads me to the question… are these shoes really ugly and i’m the only person who even likes them? Not that I would stop loving them just because nobody else likes them, but it just makes me wonder.


  • These booties are adorable!! I picture them with denim shorts and a western shirt, turquoise buckles.. Maybe even a cute prairie mini dress… Endless possibiities ;D

  • olygirl says:

    I like the mustard color. Frankly I think mustard is more unique than regular old brown and will spice up your outfits more than the brown version. 🙂

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