Outfit of the day – Thrifted Gangster

The weather in upstate New York is crazy. One minute it’s 90 degrees and im getting sunburnt without meaning to and then the next day it’s in the fifties and hailing. So i’ve learned over the years to never hide away my winter and summer clothes when out of season, because here I never know when i’m going to need them and you can experience 3 different seasons weather all in the same week.
So, with cooler temperatures this past week, i’ve turned to my latest thifted item for warmth. Not only does it fit me like a glove, have all the vintage details i’ve been looking for in a coat, and have a laidback trench kind of vibe because of the color and fabric, but it was only $4.00 at the Goodwill! My favorite thrifted item yet.
I had been craving a simple white button down collared shirt for a while and then I found this one on the Forever21 website for cheap and decided to go for it. I liked the length, the pocket details and the cuffed sleeves.
I kept everything pretty simple with the main focus being on the belt and hat. Some oversized hoops, skinny jeans and boots felt appropriate for the look.
My daughter was clutching onto those chips for dear life… she’s addicted and I think we must have an intervention soon.
{ Outfit Details: thrifted jacket, Knit Fedora F21, Jeans BDG, shirt F21, Belt F21, Boots Urban Outfitters, feather hoop earrings Betsey Johnson }


  • Della says:

    I love the trench- I keep searching my thrift stores for one and haven't found "the one" yet. Heck, it's easier to pick out a wedding dress!

    Your daughter is adorable…and has good taste in food. 😉

  • WOW that trench was an incredible find! can't believe that was $4. i love goodwill so much. i love how this outfit is so simple, and yet has an impact. the hat and belt are great accessories. ~joelle

  • ChocoDisco says:

    awwww so cute! love your outfit and the pictures are great =)

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