Outfit of the day – Like mother like daughter

So my daughter is in that phase where she likes to copy everything that she see’s me do. Combine that with the fact that she is a very girly girl and loves to wear dresses and jewelry and she loves to pose for pictures. So I basically have this pint sized model that follows my every footstep like a tiny shadow. If I wear a dress, she has to wear a dress, if I wear a necklace, so does she and you get the picture. Take notice that she is mimicking every pose in each photo.
So with all this dressing up and posing she likes to do, i’m thinking I should find her an agent. She already tells me she wants to be on “top model” and she’s only 2. Lol, what do you think?
See? Same pose every time. It cracks me up. Does anyone have any advice on delving into the world of child modeling? Please share your stories if you do.
{ Outfit Details: H+M leopard sundress, vintage bangle and necklace, shoes can’t remember, oops! }


  • My son modeled with Ford Children from the time he was 5 days old til he was in kindergarten FT. He has his college fund now (he's 16) and it was a wonderful experience for both of us. I was a model and that's how I got him in. We got booked together and then he was on his own (with me taking him of course). Child modeling is WAY different than fashion modeling. It's much more friendly and easy going. Everyone wants the child to be happy for the shot.

    Send 3 GOOD, NATURAL snapshots, nothing fancy, shot in the back yard, natural lighting. They want to see a good face smile shot, a good full body shot and maybe an action or candid shot. send in all stats: height, weight, size, hair color, eye color, age, contact info.

    Go online and go to Ford, Wilhelmina and any other top children agencies to see their requirements and submit.

    You'll have to be able to take your child in when they call you for castings and go sees. So you'll have to be committed to that aspect of it, much travel to and from the city (we were in NYC) There's a lot of castings that they have to make sure they fit the clothes. Is that something you are willing to do? Most jobs are no more than an hour and there will be a crowd there for the same castings sometimes. You have to consider the expense of travel, parking, train, ect. But it's all tax deductible if she starts working. Keep all receipts.

    Also, is she good with strangers? Will she take directions from someone without being afraid? What's her disposition around a lot of people? If she's happy and easy going, go for it. If she's a little afraid, then wait til she's a little older. When they are really young, like babies and toddlers, they usually book 2 or 3 kids in case of a melt down. They never force any child for a shot. If there's going to be a problem, and they sense it, they take the next child. And you still get paid for the booking, no biggie, everyone is happy.

    For us, it was well worth it. It was a great experience and fun for both of us and the Ford gang was wonderful.

  • Cams says:

    very cute!! aw. haha.

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