Found it for less – Miu Miu’s bird print shoes

(the real thing via
If you’re anything like me, you may have swooned over all the bird printed crystal embellished shoes that Miu Miu put out in their spring/summer 2010 collection. The shoes particularly became a big hit and were featured in just about every fashion blog at least once, even turning up on bloggers feet in their outfit posts. Well, I accidentally stumbled on these look-a-like shoes while perusing Ebay. They look very much like the real thing and for those who dont want to shell out the $500 – $1000 a pair for the real thing, you can grab one of these cheap versions (pictured below) for $54.99 on ebay from seller FromtheHeel.
I dont know about you, but they look pretty close to me. What do you think, would you wear a pair of these look-a like’s proudly or would you worry that somebody will know they are not the real Miu Miu?


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