Outfit of the day – forest dweller

Today was all about hiking through some rough terrain and woods with my younger brother, finding all kinds of interesting fungus, flowers, and getting bit up by mosquitos. Although maybe I was trying to channel some of my inner Iroquois with my moccasin shoes, they did not turn out to be the best hiking shoe for this event. Some places were muddy and I was afraid to get my shoes dirty the whole time. This outfit was not really well planned out for hiking and next time I will wear some wellies or hiking boots so I can fully enjoy the trails. There is nothing like the lush greenery of upstate New York, especially that beautiful Sumac in the background. Native Americans used to use it to dye things that red color and whenever I see it I cant help but think about all the Iroquois Indians that used to live all over this area.
(Outfit details: headscarf vintage, top H+M, shorts vintage from my mom circa 1975, Moccasins Boutique 9, Turquoise and jade necklaces vintage,  rings vintage, bag H+M )


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