Found it for less – lace up granny boots

lace up granny boots

Lace up boots  are quite the trend right now, ranging from grungy doc- marten-esque styles to more victorian granny styles. Either way, it’s hard to find a good pair for less than $100. I compiled a bunch of granny boots from polyvore in the collage above. Prices range from $140 – $650.
Or you could just buy this pair for $15 at 15dollarstore and be done with it. As we all know, trends end just as quickly as they came in and in a few months when this style has died down you can be glad you didn’t throw a few hundred dollars down the drain. Cheap as these might be, they really only have to last you through the trend and if they fall apart at the end, so what they were only $15 dollars!


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