A look back in time – NYC 2001

I haven’t adresses this very much on my blog, but I have had a long time love affair with NYC since I was a teenager. I moved there when I was 18 in august of 2000 to go to college (FIT) and remained living there for years (until sept 2007)out of sheer stubborness and will. Many things happened to me during my years living there, due to me being poor. Many things which I cannot go into detail about, because I intend to publish a book about my NYC mis-adventures. And so getting back to the point, my heart lies in NYC and even though I now live in Rochester, NY I will always desire to move back to the city and dream about the day that I can make it a reality. I visit the city often, yet it’s just not good enough for me, I want to live there again. Although this time I don’t intend to move back until I feel financially stable enough to live in a good neighborhood in a cockroachless building because now I have a little one to worry about and I do not wish for her to sleep with cockroaches or worry about wether the cereal i’m pouring her has any cockroaches in it. (yes, this is a real concern of mine. People who tell you it’s not that bad, are the ones who live in good neighborhoods, in $2000+/month apartments.)Anyway, my experience there wasn’t sugarcoated by money and the luxuries it can get you, nor was it the type of experience that left me hardened and mean…it simply made me appreciate the little things in life a lot more like being able to take a hot bath in a tub that’s big enough to stretch my legs out in, or having some counterspace in my kitchen to actually cook on.
Once again i’ve digressed, This being the anniversary of september 11th, a time which I lived through and experienced first hand…I felt it was fitting that I post some photos that I took from that year 2001 and 2002. Unfortunately they are small and the original files are lost forever, these were taken with an old SLR film camera when I first started getting into photography. I happened to stumble onto these when organizing some folders on my computer and figured it was the perfect time to share them.

1. man in times square shouting that god was in the phonebooth. August ’00 2. Times Square August ’00 3. Squirrel in Central Park July ’01 4. Woman with snake in Coney Island July ’01 5. N train into manhattan from Astoria Queens july ’01 6. Trains passing Queensborough Plaza July ’01 7. Man napping in Central Park july ’01 8. Bum named chris union square 2002 9. Flatiron Building 2001 10. me on a fire escape 2002 11. friend in union square 2002 12. marc jacobs window display august ’01 13. cockroach kitchen at the riverside inn 2002 14. bum named freddy in union square 2002 15. me union square 2002 16. friend in front of sin sin 2002 17. lonely parking meter 2001 18. my brother astor place 2002 19. sad downtown 2002 20. sad downtown 2002 21.skateboarding union square 2002 22. spirit union square 2002 23. water bubble riverside inn 2002

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