Found it for less – heart suspender tights

So i’ve been on the hunt for these heart suspender tights (pictured above) from topshop (which are sold out) and finally found their look-a-likes (pictured below) for 1/3 the price at ASOS. ASOS also has some other  pretty killer suspender tights for under $18 and i’ve tried them and can honestly say they are well made and have held up pretty good after 3 wears. Go get them before they sell out!


  • Lori says:

    those are so cute! Thanks for the tip!

  • They are so great! I totally would have worn them when I was younger.

    I used to have these gorgeous flowered pantie hose (navy blue background with bright blue flowers) back in the 80's that I bought in Germany. I worked in an office and wore little skirts and heels. When I wore these, men would stare at my legs for the 8 floors we had to travel in the elevator. It was a hoot!

  • Anonymous says:

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  • whatiwore says:

    Cute cute cute, and thanks for sharing! I have to stay away from Topshop, it's budget death for me.

  • Cora says:

    I adore your bright red structured bag!

  • Anonymous says:

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