fall photo diary

(My daughter Mia timidly entering a corn husk teepee at Bauhmans Farm market in Rochester, NY.)
These photos are late…very,very late. But I feel like better late, than never, so even though Halloween is over, here’s a taste of some of the fall adventures me and my little family went on this October.
photo 2: Mia eating a frycake and sitting on natures best stool.
Photo 3: mia’s feet and my feet at a pumpkin patch
photo 4: Mia and her trusty sidekick mow-mow entering a hay maze.
photo 5: mia and some indian corn
photos 6, 7, and 8: mia running through the hay maze
photo 9: mia riding a train
photo 10:  a really cute sheep at the petting zoo of a local farm market
photo 11: an indoor beehive behind glass
photo 12: the sweetest pygmie goat that i wanted to take home with me
photo 13: Me and my daughter Mia (notice i’m wearing the pearl snap plaid that I thrifted in this post.)

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