Outfit of the day – Sunshine + Hats

(Outfit Details: hat vintage, striped t-shirt F21, skirt Alloy, Harness necklace Jonelle Maira, black wedge shoes by Volatile)
Forgive me for looking so gross in these pictures, it was one of those no makeup, bad hairday, just generally feeling icky and humid types of days. We lazed about in our yard, while Mia chalked on the driveway with her daddy and I tried to teach her hopscotch.
I am wearing a new breastplate/harness hybrid necklace that I just finished designing for my summer 2011 capsule collection. This is the first sample of it, I hope to get the collection up on my website by the end of next week. If you want to keep up with all the latest news on my jewelry line, then follow me on tumblr to get sneak peeks at any behind the scenes info and photos.
I found that old sun hat in my attic, in a trunk with some of my grandmother’s stuff and i’m at the age (29) where i’m paying attention to crows feet and frown lines to the point of obsession lately. I have a tendency to get easily sunburnt on my face despite my mostly Mediterranean and Native American heritage so i’m avoiding sun for the rest of my life I guess.
All the beautiful orange poppies are blooming in the garden, if you want to get into gardening but don’t have a greenthumb and are afraid of the upkeep then I suggest poppies and tiger lilly’s. They come back up every year in more and more abundance with low maintenance.
Mia wasn’t sure which one to set down, the sidewalk chalk or the sweet smelling lilly of the valley flower in her hand.
A rest after her and the mister chalked up the entire driveway with a list of everyone Mia loves.

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