Outfit of the day – Laidback Plaid

This weekend was all about laidback clothes and lounging around the yard, eating freeze pops, getting sprayed by mia AKA “water girl” with the hose, watching her play in her kiddie pool which is really just a turtle shaped sandbox that we filled with water, eating lots of brown rice with stir fry, late candle lit nights, filled with the gentle sound of windchimes coming from my dreamcatcher/windchime hybrid that i got at the drugstore for dirtcheap, on the front screened in porch reading chuck palohniak’s Snuff  on the kindle which is really not a kindle, but a thing called “Nextbook”, which was my mother’s day present from the Mister, eating a delicious but horrible for my cholesterol bacon cheese dog and cajun fries from Five Guys Burgers and Fries before laughing my ass off at Hangover 2, and then spending all day saturday at a cabin in the boonies for a 50th wedding anniversary for my aunt and uncle where I unfortunately ate 3, no maybe 4 cannoli’s. Summer is right around the corner and i’m loving these long days and looking forward to some camping trips and picnics.
Outfit Details

pearl snap plaid shirt, thrifted from goodwill, last seen here.
shorts, from Alloy,
Grey wedge booties, by We Who See
Fringe bag, from H+M
braided belt, vintage
necklace, vintage,
bangles, vintage
rings, vintage
earrings, from H+M


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