Found it for less – Mara Hoffman print

Okay this post has me a bit torn, because on one hand we have:
A. the fact that the retail giant, Forever21 blatantly rips off designers work and sells it for a much lower, more affordable cost to me, the consumer.
B. the fact that I and many people are “Thrifty” and probably loved the original dress by Mara Hoffman which sold for $195 (which is now pretty much sold out everywhere.) but could not afford it and when presented with this $14.80 Striped Geo Burnout Tank by Forever21 with an identical print with an only slightly different colorway and fading, (rather than the original dress which had very vibrant colors) we will probably buy it because as much as we love Mara Hoffman and think it sucks that a company can so easily rip off her work, we still can’t afford her dress and this is the next best thing.
Now my only question is this: Forever21, why didn’t you just go all the way and make it into a maxi dress?
And to my lovely readers: What are your thoughts on the topic?


  • I think everyone should have an opportunity to wear something that "speaks" to them and not have to sit at home pining over the $195 dresses of the world.

    I like it!

  • Tanyabell says:

    Forever 21 has been doing this FOREVER. It sucks to be copied, but that's fashion. One person wears something…another likes it…and then EVERYONE is wearing it! I will still shop there, regardless.

  • The thing about fashion is that it repeats itself. Whether in the same decade, in the future, or in the past. Think 2010-2011= 80's. It's inevitable. But that doesn't mean that companies can blatantly copy each other to the every stitch. I would think that Forever 21 should stick to it's own designs, rather than looking towards Mara Hofmann. But, some say that copying is the most sincere form of flattery. 🙂

  • Not a huge fan of rip-off fashion. They can't really call themselves "designers" at forever 21 if they just copy designs alomst exactly (how are they not being sued? just curious). However, if it brings designer fashion at a much cheaper cost, I can't really argue with it too much.
    It's a cute dress.

  • LynellMarie says:

    I used to really like F21, but it's slowly starting to get away from me. Unfortunately, not every one can come up with original designs. I can understand coming up with an idea based off another idea/design, but to just keep the same pattern and change the colors? Way to go, F21.

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