Found it for less – Jeffrey Campbell Litas

Well it’s that time again, time for me to help you save your hard earned money by purchasing a look-a-like version of those Litas everyone on the internet seems to have on their feet. While I know some people are all “Oh my gaawwwd! Jeffrey Campbell is the best!” I’m sure there are others like me, who like some ( I mean it when I say some, holy crap some of his shoes are just so ridiculous i’m sorry, they are, just admit it.)of his designs, but don’t require his name to be on the shoe, for it to be enjoyed.

So for the “OMG Jeffrey!” fashionistas we have the original Jeffrey campbell Lita boots on the left for $159
and for the thrifty chicas we have HotTopics look-a-like version for $44.50 on the right.

With just a slightly different heel and less platform in the front, the cheap version actually appeals to my aesthetics a bit more. I feel they are less “clown shoe” and more sophisticated but to each her own. Which ones would you pick?


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