Mimi – Style: army green and florals

Mia will take any opportunity to wear a dress, doesn’t matter the weather outside, thankfully that’s where I step in. If it were up to her she’d step out in the snow with a summer dress and sandals. I let her indulge in her dress wearing habit on this particularly warm fall day though. Lately we’ve been having battles over her letting me brush her hair and untangle it, on this day she obviously won. Poor girl has her mom’s thin scraggly hair texture that gets easily knotted. She is 3 1/2 and has never had her hair cut, but I think it’s time to go get a trim and some bangs.

Outfit Details:
H+M shift dress thrifted from Goodwill for $1.50 (similar style here for $6)
Baby Gap cropped military jacket thrifted from V.O.A for $2.99 (similar style here for $25)
SmartFit gold ballet flats thrifted from Salvation Army for $1.50 (similar style here for $27)
Total outfit cost: $6!


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