Photo Diary – Overdue Summer

These are all photos from the first half of the summer that I had meant to post before Summer ended, but I did not get to it, because of my blogging hiatus. So i’m posting them very late, but i think better late than never at all.

photo 1: Me and Mia standing on top of a cliff overlooking Lake Ontario at sunset.
photo 2: sunset on Lake Ontario
photo 3: me and Lake Ontario (see a pattern? yeah we spend a lot of time at the lake.)
photo 4: my mister carved our old tags into a picnic table
photo 5: Ontario Beach Park at sunset AKA charlotte beach
photo 6, 7 + 8: me and my brother standing on a pier at sunset (if my brother looks a bit “eccentric” that’s not even the half of it but i can’t get into that on here.)
photo 9: my mister had my picture tattooed on his chest, of course the artist decided to take a few liberties with my boobies, although in his defense the picture he used was one from just after i had Mia and i was breastfeeding so maybe they wern’t that far off.)
photo 10: the mister and Mia riding a carousel
photo 11: Mia being a ham
photo 12: asleep after a clown painted her face


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