Resolutions and To Do Lists

I know January is coming to an end and I’ve made one post the whole month. My reasoning for this is simple…I’ve been trying to accomplish a few of my New Year’s Resolutions while also trying to ignore the life-threatening surgery my dad will be having in a few short days. Some people like to make one big goal to accomplish as their resolution, me on the other hand…I like to make a To Do List of sorts of a lot of little things that are very attainable and for some reason, hard for me to acomplish due to some kind of adult ADD and lack of focus. I find that making lists greatly helps me stay focused and keep my head straight, also having music playing in the background really helps me stay focused on whatever task i’m trying to complete. Another trick i’ve picked up over the years is to set my kitchen timer for 20 minutes and to run around the house doing things without stopping until the timer goes off. Then reset and repeat and you’ll be amazed at how much can actually get done in 20 minutes when you stay in the zone during these little 20 minute intervals.

 Items with red checkmarks have been accomplished. I am currently tackling  the “re-organize studio/office” section of my list and it’s been 3 days into it and i’m close to finishing. I will post a studio tour once it’s complete. So here is my 2012 To Do List in all of it’s mundane glory.

I’d love to know what you guys do for your new year’s resolutions along with how you keep track of your to do lists. Any tips or tricks to staying focused and completing tasks?

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