Diy: Framed gallery for kids room

(Illustration credits go to Emily W. Martin of The Black Apple and Ashley Goldberg for most of the art used in these pictures.)
I have been collecting various frames for Mia’s wall for a while now. Whenever I saw one with a good shape at the thrift store or garage sale i’d pick it up and save it for this project. I went into more depth on how to create a wall gallery in one of my very first posts if you’d like some tips.
Some suggested ideas for kiddo gallery walls would be:
  1.  frame your childs favorite creations and drawings.
  2. carefully cut out illustrations from old childrens books and wall calendars.
  3. frame an old map or parts of one.
  4. use old postcards.
  5. frame some interesting wallpaper or wrapping paper.
  6. create some special artwork of your own for your child.
  7. make a silhouette of your child
  8. photograph some of your childs favorite places and objects (like favorite stuffed animal or figurine)  give them a nice vintage look using Phixr or Rollip or Photoshop and print them.

Mia’s room has been kind of changing and evolving as she grows, so it is never really 100% finished. I finally feel like I do have it to an “almost finished” point though and Mia seems happy with it. Her room is kind of a 50/50 mashup of vintage and new stuff. I plan on doing a more in depth room tour in the near future where i’ll go into more details on our toy storage solution, her closet,  and where everything is from, so stay tuned!


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