A Peek into my World : Things making me happy

These are a few of the things that are currently making me happy in my little world. Fresh flowers on the windowsill above my kitchen sink.
Oversized spice jars for those spices we always seem to run out of around here.
Watching my daughter drink out of the same exact little porcelain smurf cup that I used to use when I was her age. (Yes, I saved it for almost 30 years without breaking it.)
“Accidentally” overhearing the things Mia says as she uses her imagination and plays with her toys. The things that come out of her mouth are kinda hilarious at times.
The first official signs of spring hit Rochester, NY this week. I can thank the squirrels for the randomly placed Crocus flowers in my grass. In all seriousness though, I adore squirrels.
What is making you happy this week?

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