Thrift Thursday – Animals and Indians

As the name of my blog suggests, I love vintage and thrifting and even though i’ve been steadily thrifting over the last year, it’s been a while since i’ve done a Thrift Thursday post. I’m going to try and keep it a regularly scheduled thing from now on (as long as the thrifting gods keep smiling down upon me). So here are some of my scores from this week. Above is a vintage leather Levi’s belt. I was going to sell it on Sunshine+Fringe, but after trying it on with my high waisted denim flares and seeing how perfectly they go together, i’m going to have to keep it.

 A silk scarf with an amazingly detailed Native American motif complete with a map of the US and Canada showing which tribe or nation occupied which areas. (wish i could have fit the whole picture into the shot, sorry guys). Not sure what i’m going to do with it yet, maybe make it into a pillow or frame it? Anyone who knows me knows my love for all things Native American, going all the way back to when I was a little girl and my dad would teach me how to sneak up on deer and build teepee’s in the woods and make things out of turkey feathers. I guess i’m just stating this, in order to establish that with me it’s not just some trendy hipster thing, it’s something I grew up with and runs through my veins.

This tiny little set of vintage animal head bobby pins. I’m not even sure how old they are, they look 50’s or 60’s to me. Mia loves the little blue deer. Well that concludes todays Thrift Thursday.

Did you blog about any great thrifted finds lately? If you did, feel free to link to your posts in the comments!


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