My How Quickly They Grow


We unplugged from the internet a bit last week and spent some time catching up on things around the house. I cleaned and organized my studio for the 200millionth time (it never stays clean, creativity is messy). We went through some of our things in preparation for a garage sale coming up in 2 weeks. Our whole neighborhood is having one at the same time so it should be a good turnout. We have quite a bit of baby clothes and baby toys to sell, which is what led me to my headline title. It seems like just yesterday that Mia was wearing these tiny little things that i’m about to sell and now she’s this super smart and bossy 4 year old with her own personality and opinions. Time really has flown by a bit too fast for comfort.
Mia finally got her very first haircut this week. She got some little bangs and we cut off the dead scraggly ends. Even after I made sure to announce to the hairdresser that it was “her first haircut ever” they still managed to sweep away all the hair before I even thought to keep a lock for myself. Is nothing sacred anymore?

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