Donuts Delight Everybody

These pictures are an excerpt out of one of our June days. The Mister found a dead Monarch butterfly so we decided to use it as a prop in some pictures with Mia. I remembered taking the same photo as a kid in the 1000 Islands when we were camping so I thought it would be fun to compare the two someday if I can ever get my hands on the original.

I had really been wanting to build some raised bed gardens for vegetables this year (like everyone else on pinterest, I know, I know.) but it was getting pretty late into the season and we still hadn’t gotten to it. And then with some lucky twist of fate The Mister found this wooden box being thrown out behind a parking lot downtown and he brought it home. All we had to do was drill some holes in the bottom for drainage and it was ready to start planting in. I also used an old vintage wooden crate for herbs and two large containers for tomatoes. We’ve got 5 different kinds of peppers growing, 2 kinds of tomatoes and basil, chives and cilantro. Mia and I go outside and water them first thing every morning and she usually insists on being the one to do it.

My aunt brought me this little tooled leather purse back from Mexico when I was 5 years old and I get a kick out of seeing Mia wear it now.

 Mia impatiently waiting on our front porch before we took a walk to her favorite local spot Donuts Delight.

The two of us walk everywhere together, sometimes The Mister or my brother join us, but it’s usually just me and her. We like to refer to it as “mommy and me time”. We usually do this in the evenings once the sun is not so hot and we walk to one of the nearby playgrounds or we get an ice cream down the street or get some dinner at one of our Neighborhood spots.

On this particular day we walked to Donuts Delight which is somewhat of a local legend. It originally opened in 1958 and was known for it’s great donuts, sadly it closed in 2005 and sat empty until 2010 when a local pizza legend bought it and kept the original building details and doughnut recipes and expanded to include pizza and other food. Obviously that made us very happy because it was depressing to see this cute vintage building empty.

Local Artists paint these one of a kind benches and local businesses buy them and display them in front of their stores and restaurants. There are all kinds of them scattered around Rochester.

So Mia ended her day with an Elmo doughnut and I had a powdered one with Cannoli filling. Seriously delicious.

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