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Lately Mia has been showing more and more interest in music and singing and playing instruments. I snapped these pictures while she was discovering my old acoustic guitar. I am not musically gifted in the least which is why I no longer even attempt to play the guitar, but maybe she inherited some musical talent from my brother who is one of those people that never had a lesson, yet knew exactly what to do the first time he held a drumstick and happens to be an amazing drummer. One can hope anyway, (fingers crossed). Anyway she has a pretty good taste in music for her age. The first song she ever fell in love with at age 2, was “JOLENE” by Dolly Parton and following that she fell in love with “Walking with a ghost” by Tegan and Sara. Nowadays she is partial to The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. This is mostly due to my mom repeatedly playing a Rolling Stones cd every time her and Mia bake cookies together. I guess it’s become their baking soundtrack. It makes me laugh to think that everytime Mia hears those songs as an adult she will get the faint smell of cookies and the memory of her and her grandma. Good Times. I love how hearing a certain song can instantly bring you back and give you that huge wave of nostalgia. Music is powerful, but I digress.

Outfit Details:
Beatles tee from H+M for $9.99 (similar one here)
Denim shorts are vintage hand-me-downs for free (similar handmade ones here for $12)
Smartfit hooded sandals from Payless on sale for $9.00 (buy them here on clearance)

Total outfit cost: $19.00

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