Camping Photo Diary: Part 1

I mentioned that we were gearing up for a camping trip to the 1000 Islands, New York in August and I finally got around to uploading some of the pictures that I took. We went camping for 7 days, which can seem like a long time when you are sleeping in a tent but we had a lot of fun because we weren’t alone. Some of our family and friends were camping there as well and between all of us we took up about 6 or 7 camp sites. We hung out on the beach most days and then we’d take a drive into the neighboring towns, (Clayton, Cape Vincent, Alexandria Bay) in the evenings to stop at the grocery stores or go out to eat and then at night we’d all gather around one campfire and hang out in our camp chairs and eat smores and partake in some alcohol having once the kiddos were all in their sleeping bags. Fun + laughter was had.

1. a really cute vintage style food place during a rest on the drive up there.
2. their kid’s meals came served in vintage cars.
3. taking a rest with the mister after we finished setting up our giant tent and all of our gear.
4. relaxing.
5. Mia taking a dip in the St. Lawrence river
6. trying to teach her how to doggie paddle with a life jacket on.
7. the funny thing about this park is that NOTHING ever changes, I’ve been going there since I was a kid.
8. waiting for her daddy to build the campfire.
9. starting the fire.
10. Mia in a shop in Alex bay during Pirate’s Week.

p.s. I linked everything for anyone who might be interested to know more about these places.


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