I know I know, it’s Almost December and i’m still stuck in October. I couldn’t let this Mimi-style fall to the wayside simply because i’m behind. I’ve just got a couple more posts to catch up on and then i’ll be posting relevant Christmas-y content, I promise.
I get kind of excited about planning Mia’s Halloween costume every year. Maybe it’s because when I was a kid, Halloween always seemed to be an afterthought with my mother. She’d always throw together a half-assed costume at the last minute and some of them were pretty bad. I know spending little on things is kind of my whole blog theme, but when it comes to handmade costumes, they only work if there was effort put into them and they are creative. My childhood costumes were neither of those things. I remember wearing a tropical toucan print skirt that belonged to my mom, safety pinned around my neck as a cape the year I tried to be a princess…that should pretty much paint the picture for you. 
Anyway getting back to the present day and Mia. I like making a good costume for her but I refuse to pay the crazy retail prices on the costumes at your typical Halloween store. My Halloween costume trick year after year is a combination of thrifting and DIY’ing everything. Once we have a basic idea of what Mia wants to be, we hit up all of the thrift shops in our area looking for the right pieces to make up her look. Most thrift shops will have a rack full of vintage clothes and used costumes displayed during October. This is especially good because you actually get a better range of costume ideas because the selection goes back many years or decades even. This year we found everything at one store. First we found the leopard dress, then after a little digging in a few bins we found the matching ears and tail. I later bought a face-paint kit at the drugstore at 50% off and I painted her face. I personally think the face-paint is what makes the whole costume really work and i’m kind of proud of it.

Costume Details:
dress thrifted from the goodwill for $5.00 
ears and tail from the goodwill for $3.00 
leotard and black leggings (underneath everything) we already had in her closet for free.
face-paint from rite aid for $2.00
Total costume cost: $10.00!

What did you and your kiddos do for Halloween?

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