Part of why I keep getting so behind on posting on the blog is due to the fact that my current computer is way super slow and every time I upload more photos onto it, it becomes a nightmare because it gets even slower. So editing pictures ends up taking a lot longer than it should and creating a simple blog post that should take about 30 minutes ends up taking more like 2 hours. A new computer is not in my future right now because my business budget has quite a few other things on the list that are more urgent and so I just have to deal with the slow loading pictures for now. That is basically why I let the blog get so behind, I have pictures going back to August that I want to blog and I just haven’t gotten to it. This explains why I am just now posting a picture from Mia’s first day of Pre-School.

Mia is 4 1/2 but she just started her very first day of pre school this September. I decided not to send her when she was 3 because I honestly thought she was better off just learning at home with me where she could get one on one attention. She was already pretty advanced for her age, she could write her own name and everyone in the family’s first name before she was even 3. She could read and write every letter in the alphabet and count in English and Spanish so I think she was just fine. She would have been ready to go straight to Kindergarten this year if only her birthday was before the cut off date. The only reason I decided to put her into pre-school this year was for the social skills. She is a very creative and bright kid, but she definitely had trouble with the ideas of sharing and getting along with other kids because she is an only child and I figured the structure would be good for her to prepare for kindergarten next year. 
I snapped this picture of her just before she got in the car to go to her first day. She was super excited and especially proud of her new shoes that she picked out and bought with money from her “Spanish grandpa in New Jersey” during our summer vacation to New York City. School seems to be working, because she gets along with the other kids much better now and even listens more at home.

Outfit Details:
dress thrifted from the goodwill for $1.50 
Sweater thrifted from the Volunteers of America for $2.99 
Leather shoes from Zara on clearance for $19.99 
Ruffled socks from Target for $1.99

Total outfit cost: $25.50

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