Bits + Pieces: of December

Holy cow the holidays are finally over! It’s been a busy month around here. Sadly, I didn’t really snap too many pictures because I was kinda wrapped up in the moments as they were happening. We did a lot of stuff, baked a lot of cookies (like 10 different kinds), while listening to Christmas music, decorated the house in mostly mid-century vintage Christmas decor, ate a lot of food, watched some holiday classics, partied with our extended family, and got lots of snow on Christmas Eve. Mia got a lot of books, some polymer clay, a Paper-doll set and a bunch of clothes. The mister got me a classic looking black trench coat and a lovely black dress that fit’s perfectly. (he did pretty good this year)

1. A collection of vintage and antique ornaments newly acquired from my dad, they were all his childhood Christmas ornaments (or what’s left of them anyway) something about him and his brother shooting them all off the tree with toy guns as kids. 
2. Mia having a moment with Santa Claus.
3. A spot in the dining room.
4. My dad had a bag full of wild turkey feathers and naturally I had to have some.  I’ve been incorporating them into our decor here and there. I love the subtle bit of nature they add to a room.
5. Two of Mia’s Christmas presents just before they were wrapped. We have already read the entire Oddfellow’s Orphanage book together. It’s a great book for reading a chapter to your kid every night before bed. Mia loved it.
6. Mia’s gold brogues. She picked them out at ZARA when we were in NYC this summer. (Little known fact: ZARA was the first company I worked for when living in Manhattan)
7. A rare sighting of me with my kiddo on Christmas Eve at my uncle’s house. I’m usually behind the camera but I’ve got to try to be more present on the blog somehow.

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