Christmas Day

We had a very white Christmas this year in upstate New York. Even now there is still a thick blanket of snow on everything, including our car. Our Christmas morning was quiet and relaxed. Me and the Mister sat back and watched Mia tear into all of her presents, then we spent Christmas day holed up in our house with both of my parents and their significant others and my brother. We ate a lovely dinner and had far too many cookies. We tried to keep the presents for Mia useful and educational this year. So she got a few books, Sculpey clay, paper-dolls that you color yourself, new Minnetonka moccasins and lots of new clothes from H+M. We hit up the mall at the right time this month and got a lot of great clothes marked way down. Mia was happy with getting clothes instead of toys because these were the things she actually asked for this year, surprisingly. I guess some of my practicality is rubbing off on her.

These past 2 weeks have been very trying one’s for me emotionally. I turned 31, which obviously getting older gets harder every year, then the tragedy in Connecticut and all those innocent children, then a favorite childhood friend of mine passed away suddenly, then the tragedy in Webster on Christmas Eve where the psycho set his house on fire and then opened gunfire on firemen, it was just down the street from my dad’s house. That kind of put a damper on the Christmas Eve festivities as we drove over the bay bridge and could still see the smoke and flashing police lights on our way to the party in Webster, not to mention I used to walk by that man’s house often as a teenager not knowing what evil lurked inside. Then another sweet friend of mine passed away while alone on Christmas day and nobody knew until 2 days later. So the year ended on a pretty tragic note and it’s gotten me quite depressed. I feel almost guilty looking at the above pictures of my sweet child (who I love dearly) opening up her presents with a smiling face after all the crap that has gone on. Hopefully these feelings will pass. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by these events.

Rest in Peace J.L. and C.B.. Two beautiful souls who left the world too soon.

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