I love using mason jars to store supplies in because the sealed top keeps the dust and air away from them and prevents certain materials from oxidizing. You can see 2 of my recent designs on the bust there.



This is how my worktable looks at the moment. Lots of in-process and almost finished pieces mixed with some finished ones that are ready to ship out.


A view of my worktable and my inspiration board which is only half covered at the moment.
I love this table because it is really long and provides the right amount of space for me to spread out on when i’m working with a lot of different materials at once. I designed it and showed my mom’s boyfriend what I wanted and then he built it for me using two old doors that he had. The idea is that the cubbies underneath are meant for all the jewelry trays to just be slid into when not in use or if I want to clear the work surface in a hurry.
I usually only show a slight glimpse of my desktop for maker monday because I’ve been intending to do a proper full studio tour on the blog for a while now. I just never catch the right morning light and also the studio being it’s tidiest at the same moment in order to take good pictures of it.
These pictures are terrible I know. I took them in the evening when I was working on stocking up some new pieces and of course they have that horrible unnatural lighting but I wanted to share them anyway just to give a glimpse of my work space  Only half of my space is shown here, not pictured are my shelves full of supplies, my photo tent and lights for photographing the jewelry, my packing area and my computer and printer corner. A proper studio tour is still in store for the future but for now these will have to do.
Creativity tends to be messy but I try pretty hard to keep my space organized. If it get’s too disorganized it becomes too distracting for me and then I can’t focus on my work properly.
Speaking of that, I have to get back to it because I have an exciting opportunity coming up that I have to get working on.
Until next time!



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