Bits + Pieces: Of March

DesignThrift blog: dyeing easter eggs
Mia and I dyed Easter eggs. Nothing fancy, no frills just plain old Easter eggs with food coloring. We like them best this way.

DesignThrift blog: dining room table with flowers

I tried to add some cheer to our dining room (because we all have that antsy can’t wait for winter to end vibe) by using a hot pink Indian sari as a table runner.

DesignThrift blog: vintage sugar salt and pepper shakers

The fun thing about this house we live in is that it only had one other owner since 1928 and she lived here up until she died, so we are always finding old pieces of the houses’ past tucked away in the attic and little rooms in the basement and garage. I found this little set in the attic and i like to think i brought it back to where it belongs by putting it back into my kitchen.

DesignThrift blog: farm kitchen style

Continuing with the kitchen theme, just a little look into a corner of the kitchen. The giant fork has a matching spoon. They used to hang in my Nana’s kitchen and I always liked them as a kid. After she passed away I ended up with them so there they hang on either side of my stove, reminding me of her.

DesignThrift blog: little girl boots

Mia’s little boot collection all lined up by the door. Unfortunately it’s still boot weather around here. As I type this, there is a blizzard of flurries outside my window despite it being April 2nd.


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