Design Thrift Blog: Maker Monday: getting organized in the studio


Design Thrift Blog: Maker Monday: getting organized in the studio
I have caught the spring cleaning bug lately when it comes to my studio. I was having trouble figuring out what to do with all of my art supplies (i use them mostly when drawing out ideas in my sketchbook). I wanted to have them out in the open and handy so when inspiration strikes I can just grab whichever micron pen or marker I need and quickly sketch it out before I forget. I had them previously stored in the top drawer of the little white dresser next to my desk but I didn’t like it because I couldn’t see them. So then I remembered  this idea that i found on pinterest (sadly, whoever originally pinned it, didn’t pin it right so the credit isn’t given to whoever’s wonderful idea it was. if anyone knows, let me know and i’ll fix it.) So, I did exactly that and used toilet paper rolls and a shoe box. I thought the finished thing was a bit of an eyesore though so I decided to stick it inside the vintage Armour corned beef box. At least in there everything is organized and I can easily grab whichever pen I need and yet it look’s more appealing this way.

You might be wondering where all of my actual supplies are…they are kind of everywhere. All the cubbies under the desk are filled with trays of stuff. The wall behind where the pictures are taken from is filled with more of those blue part organizers with the drawers and I have tons of chains hanging from a bar that’s screwed into the inside of the closet door. None of these organization solutions are really ideal for me, but since this is just a spare bedroom in our home I haven’t really gone all out to get it up to par with what my dream studio would entail. I often dream about the day that i can have a real studio outside of the home that I can set up exactly the way I want, but for now this is the best option for me since Mia is still young and her nursery school is only 2.5 hours long every day.

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