Trend Alert: Ankle Bracelets

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I have been seeing various articles calling anklets or ankle bracelets a trend since early 2012 and I admit I was kinda skeptical that it would really roll back around as a full blown trend. I admit to wearing anklets in various forms for much of the late eighties and all of the nineties. I’m embarrassed to admit this but when I graduated high school (in 2000)I actually hated the way my royal blue graduation gown and cap looked so much, that i tried to figure out what I could do to still show my personal style while wearing it. I opted to paint a henna design all over the tops of my feet and wear a bunch of anklets. I walked across that stage and was able to feel like myself even though I had on that ugly robe. Anyway, proving i’m no enemy of the anklet, yet I really did not expect them to come back into style just yet.  I’ve been seeing them popping up all over a lot of shops so I guess it’s time to admit that the anklet is back for summer. This is another trend that’s easy to DIY yourself. I like the idea of wearing two simple gold chain anklets, one on each foot for a minimalist approach.

What do you think of the ankle bracelet coming back into trend? Should it stay a thing of the 90’s or do you welcome it back into fashion?



  • Gail says:

    I never liked them. Ranks right up there with triple pierced ears, nose rings and toe rings – in my opinion.
    I just tried your word verification and it's very tough. I'm on my third try, so it looks like I won't be posting any more comments – too much work.

    • Jonelle says:

      Gail, I just added that recently because I was getting a lot of spam comments, but if it's going to keep people from commenting, then I will get rid of it. thanks for telling me, i appreciate it.

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