Weekend Reading List: #1

Design Thrift blog: Jonelle Maira jewelry studio

Happy Memorial Day! Today I spent the day away from my messy workspace (seen above) and rode my bike all over town with the mister while Mimi spent the day with her papa. The mister rides some fancy fixed gear bike (i’m so knowledgeable when it come to fixie’s obviously, can you tell i hate them?) while I stick to my love of all things old and ride a vintage Schwinn Collegiate. We rode to the new East ave Wegmans (best grocery store in the world, picture trader joe’s and whole foods, then combine the best stuff from both of them and then multiply times two and that’s Wegmans.) and got some picnic food and then ate it in the park, then we rode downtown, and then over to the Southwedge and then back over to Park Avenue where we had some drinks at Boulder Coffee Co.  I wish I knew how many miles we rode today, it was a lot and now my legs are killing me, i’m going to be feeling it tomorrow i’m sure.

Anyway here are some things I’ve enjoyed reading, using, or looking at recently:

You Smell Soap has the best smelling lotions I’ve ever tried. They are natural, organic, vegan , USA made products too. I am especially in love with the peach, honeydew mint and buttercream scents.

On my DIY radar: Check My Box has some great DIY kits available. I recently tried the Ombre seed bead bracelet kit and I was impressed. It came nicely packaged with full color instructions and all the necessary supplies to do the project twice! One for you and one for a friend.

These are the prettiest bath towels I’ve seen in a long time!

This looks DIY-able. I’d like to try making one like it.

I entered Shopbevel’s Poppy red contest. Vote for me here.

These are the best colors and fit you can find for only $5.80

I’ve been living in simple summer dresses lately.

I’ve been looking for a basket for my bicycle and Nantucket bike baskets seem to be the best, particularly this one.

A bathmat made out of moss that thrives on the moisture in the air and the water that falls off of you when you get out of the shower, yes please.

This is a really great DIY project over on Dare to DIY turning a men’s chambray shirt into a trendy dress.

That’s it. Happy Reading! I will be back tomorrow with another installment of DIY BASICS so don’t forget to check in.

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