Bits + Pieces: Of What’s Been Going On

This was my late summer go-to “arm party” featuring 3 of my DIY bracelet projects. The Disco bracelet, the beaded skull bracelet and the Taos bracelet.

My little Mimi started kindergarten. This was her getting on the bus on the first day of school. I think I was more nervous for her than she was. I had anxiety all day until she finally arrived back home. We’ve started to get the hang of the new routine now that we’re heading into the 3rd full school week.

I’ve been slowly getting into living a lot healthier over the course of 2013. I started out by eliminating any sugary drinks and drinking strictly water and tea. Once I got used to the strict liquid diet I decided to add in more healthy recipes, snacks and meals and I started using myfitnesspal to keep track of the calories. Now when I want a snack I usually eat a handful of peanuts, some popcorn, Greek yogurt or an apple rather than whatever junk I felt like eating before. I’ve also started doing the hip hop abs videos in the morning after Mia get’s on the bus to jump-start my metabolism and start the day out good. It makes you sweat like crazy and even though I feel silly doing some of the moves, I really like it.

I’ve accumulated a few plants over the summer, now my porch feels more like a zen greenhouse and I love it. My mom just keeps giving them to me because her over-active green thumb keeps taking cuttings from her older ones and starting new ones and then she ends up with too many. The Schefflera plant in the right hand corner is what we like to refer to as “my sister” because it’s been in my life since the beginning and way before that (it’s like 39 years old). My mom got it as a tiny plant when she was around 18 and it was always in our house as I was growing up and I took it over 6 years ago and I don’t know if i’ll ever give it back.

I’ve been accumulating new supply samples over the past month. I’ve been inspired by Lapis Luzuli, lava rocks and various jasper’s for fall. New jewelry in these tones will be coming to soon.

And last but not least, here is a peek at my latest office addition. I’m still working on cleaning out half of the drawers. I will show more of it once I’m done.

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