Design Thrift blog: DIY inspiration: ladder statement necklace


Design Thrift blog: DIY inspiration: ladder statement necklace

Image sources: One / Two / Three / Four / Five / Six 
Images on model: Vanessa Mooney

Today I wanted to explore the DIY possibilities of a statement making “ladder necklace”. There are a lot of variations of the ladder necklace, but a few things they all seem to have in common is their length, the use of chain and obviously the ladder portion being made up of multiple strands of beads to form the focal point. Some have tassels on the end, and some don’t. The basic silhouette is usually the same but the variations of colors and materials used are endless. Some have a distinct Native American feel, made with deer leather and bone beads and feathers, others have a more tribal feel using metals and trade beads and I’ve seen a few that can be downright elegant like this one from Anthropologie.
Whichever style you prefer, they are relatively easy to make and very DIY-able. I will be making one of my own in a tutorial later this week, taking inspiration from a few of the Vanessa Mooney pieces shown above. So don’t forget to check back and see the step-by-step process!

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