Recent Acquisitions – Natural Elements

These are some of my latest acquisitions. Everything in the picture was acquired for a grand total of less than $50. 
My secret to being a thrifty shopper is:
A) to keep in mind the pieces that i’ve been lusting after, in this case a druzy ring, and one of erin wasson’s rings from her latest collection, a pendleton blanket and a great pair of vintage sunnies. 
B) the second step, is to refrain from buying the pieces I want until I find something similar for less money.
In this case, the blanket was an ebay score for $5, No it’s not a pendleton blanket but it serves the same purpose and has the same basic design. The Brown druzy ring is from claire’s for $9 and it looks identical to some of the handcrafted ones i’ve been wanting that start in the $50 price range. The long brass ring with native pattern was $5 at Forever21 and is very similar to some of the Erin Wasson rings i’ve been wanting that also sell for $50+. The sunnies on the left are 70’s vintage that I found in my mom’s kitchen, score of the century. The ones on the right were $4.50 at Forever21 and look similar to some more expensive ones i’ve seen around. The earrings and sandals are also from Forever21.
(Please excuse the chipped nail polish. Eww I know, i was in a rush and forgot to take it off.)


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